Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu for Aug 13- Aug 20



Here is my family's menu for the week.  I try to plan my menu and grocery list on Sunday afternoons.  I like going to the grocery store on Monday afternoons, after 2, because most of the shelves have been replenished and the produce is really fresh.  When I buy produce, I buy what looks good and is on sale.  When I get home, I fill in which veggies go with what meal as I put it away.  That way, everything has a plan... until someone eats all the salami that was suppose to go into the pasta salad.  (side note-sometimes it's good to mark things if they have a special purpose. lol) 

Monday, August 13
Egg, bacon, cheese on a muffin, English muffins, mango
SW chicken Burritos, veggies

Tuesday, August 14
Cinnamon Chip Banana Muffins (make 2 batches, freeze extra), smoothies
Quesadillas, carrots w/ ranch
Fried Chicken Strips/Gravy/mashed potatoes
(Happy Birthday Mom)

Wednesday, August 15
Peanut butter honey toast, fruit
Pesto, Pasta & artichoke hearts, veggies
Mustard Pork chops, veggies

Thursday, August 16
Oatmeal, apples
Lunch meat/ cheese/crackers
Lasagna (make 2)

Friday, August 17
Cinnamon Banana Muffins (from freezer), fruit
Sandwich roll ups
Peanut butter, banana French Toast

Saturday, August 18
Scrambled Eggs and sausage

Sunday, August 19
Peanut butter, honey, Toast
Steak, veggies
Leftovers/ cereal

Monday, August 20
Mac and cheese
Grilled Chicken, veggies

 The red highlighted menu items have a link to the recipe on my blog.

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